If you’re reading this in May of 2020, then you are well aware of what life has been during this pandemic. Most of us Americans and the rest of the world have been quarantined for the past three months to what now feels like a lifetime, and who knows how long this will carry out. Some are playing their parts to keep the numbers of cases stable, others feel like they’re invincible, and I shamefully fall somewhere in the middle of hopeful & hopeless.

Whether we are mentally accepting our worldly crisis or adapting to a possible new normal, we all are fighting this “together”. But that’s the cliche, isn’t it? The reality is some of us are waging this battle alone. If you are….my heart is with you. The beginning of the quarantine was expectedly lonely so to past time, mental stimulation has been the best outlet for me to avoid being underwhelmed. Reading, journaling, research, cooking tutorials, and any other material has been my jam lately. As I was listening to a thought provoking podcast, up came the topic of family dynamics, and then a deeper dive specifically in the black community. Their stories were parallel to my own. Absent fathers, half siblings, broken relationships, and all of the other factors which are no longer jarring.

In a later post I’ll engage into the specifics of my own story, for now this is simply a rant to express; I’m no longer contempt with this family dynamic in the black community. Our relation to one another shouldn’t be the trauma and emotional baggage we carry in silence from our childhoods. The terms are simply unacceptable, exhaustive, and intolerable. I’m no advocate to speak on what the solution is, but I recently made the decision to no longer be a product of someone else’s negligence. A lot of self reflection has inspired me to do the internal work to restore any parts of myself that do not feel whole, to rekindle family relationships that are not a lost cause, and to let go of the ones which are no longer beneficial to my life. This is phase one of breaking the generational curse, because it starts with me.

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  1. Great segue from the current pandemic and its influence on the world to one of the dynamics in the black community! Relationships are like a two-way street filled with adventures and new discoveries about one’s self and others. Unfortunately with caution signs oftentimes leading to a dead end road. Life is much like to two-way mirror with most falling somewhere in the middle. Embrace your adventures my dear, but don’t get caught up in the smoke and mirrors!


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