The Absence

I don’t need accountability please just listen

I should title this resentment

The other seeds of you despise me for this idea that I got special treatment

They don’t know you robbed me of the terms honest and decent

They don’t have a clue

When I gave my life to God as a sign of hope

Or a silent cry of help

Hard to tell the difference when waging

in hell

Or my mother plotting drugs deals

That wasn’t the dream she sold to me

I don’t blame her

Our judgment gets clouded when being deceived

Is life beautiful with ugly moments?

The narrative I choose to be believe

This is not a victim story

my battles have been defeated

In the mist of neglect

In the mist of your absence

In the mist of your avoidance

In the mist of disappointment

I found healing

I found love that was not based on convenience   

I don’t need accountability

Please just listen….

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