Christmas ‘17

I haven’t been the same since

I haven’t felt the same since

Wish I had been in love before

Wish there was no such thing as past tense

Wish I had witnessed a solitude of love from the two of which I was conceived

Energy put to chase a vision, you never seen but you can feel it

Wish there was no agenda

You came around but you wouldn’t stick

I pushed the issue, wish I didn’t..

Wish I had heard those words you spoke with ease

For the first time I was captivated, you exceeded every reason

the duality of my desires exhibited a stillness

Wish I had been stimulated

I’ve began to explore the world and I couldn’t find you..

“I know he’s moved on”

Wish I had to

I go full moons without an existence or distance memory

But somehow I end up here

Writing this, it’s Christmas

The weather is different than usual

You were unusual, it was obvious

Wish I was oblivious

They say when it’s real you know

Wish I was ignorant

According to what

You acquired more than most

You didn’t need me

Wish I could say the same

Time changes, people do too

Shit don’t make sense

but I’ve played the fool

I’ve played the victim

I’ve hurt , I regret

Wish I had forgot your number

Then I wouldn’t be sending this text ..

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