Summer’s Over

I was terrified that

if I sat too long

in complete solitude my thoughts would haunt me

If I stayed put,

my conscious would rope

“Half of this lifespan is complete,

you haven’t reached your peak?”

Misery loves company

When do you think the devil spoke to me

It was always the day before a birthday

Or the second on a vacation

The darkest times

The truth Is

There was truth in it

Feeling inadequate

A constant feeling

Then it stops

In my bag again

I’ve made peace with my pace

Who you goin in for

Who are you living for

In my feels again

So I relapse

In the summer when you text me

Glen, how’ve you been

I tell you life is amazing

Knowing you have no interest in my well being

Nonetheless you pull up

with my favorite drink

We do what lovers do best

Pretend like this isn’t about sex

Drunk in lust

Somehow I’m still conscious to meet my demands

The payout isn’t worth the clocking in

Sanity only comes to me

When I sit down long enough 

& pick up this pen ..

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