The Marathon Continues

Recently Los Angeles, the Hip Hop community, and the world lost an angel due to gun violence. Conspiracies were tossed around, comparisons of the bond between him and his wife caused an uproar on social media, more violence was done in retaliation, and not enough condolences were made. Through all the smoke I took the time to reflect, so let me tell you my thoughts :

A few years ago I discovered his music by randomly tuning in to artist I’m unfamiliar with. There was instant gratification to the messages behind some of his lyrics, his flow, and the visuals that followed. I became a mere fan. As time passed I observed how well respected this man was in the music industry and also how his name was never mentioned in any negative statements from the press. In the months leading up to this death, I became more in tune with him musically & personally as I watched the way he upheld the love for those in his life circle. The impression he gave was one of a man who was honorable, self-aware, selfless, humble, and full of integrity. A man that is wise beyond his years must answer when duty calls. He was a calm activist who consistently was striven towards creating a better environment for the common people, which I assume stemmed from his belief to never forget where you come from and to support those who have contributed to your come up. It goes without say why the world mourned heavily for a human being they had never met.

For me personally, his spirit subconsciously had a positive impact on my thought process. His death posed the questions of “what mark will I leave on this earth?” & “what do I embody that is worth remembrance?”. One of my favorite messages from him states how you cannot possess people, only experience them. That alone has changed my perspective on love of all things because often times too many we try to control the timeline on stimulation, rather than embracing the souls that are divined to us and releasing them when life demands us to.

 I pray to inspire my peers & the generation to come, to be selfless in all my actions, to elevate my life with god’s given gifts, to do all things through love, and last but not least….to stay motivated. Just as he did.

Rest in Paradise Nipsey Hussle, thank you for sharing your light with us.

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