To Whom Much is Given, Much is Tested

For single women, dating in Atlanta is like buying a raffle ticket to be gifted a brand new AMG with only miles on it from being test driven. Our chances are slim to none, yet we are hopeful. In the urban city of successful corporate, entrepreneurs, athletes, and drug dealer ( let us not forget the scammers who do the bare minimum but still manage to take flights to luxury resorts & pop tags of only the finest designer) men you would assume there are plenty of fish for us to choose on. While that may be the case, the percentage of them with that mutual desire seems to be lower than the average APR which is beneficial if you want to finance a new car, but exhausting for seeking out your future life partner. Statistically, there are more single women than there are single straight men, they simply could be overwhelmed with the number of quality options. But I believe they’re intruigied by the quantity. In relation to the single population I mentioned, I can recall too many encounters of running into someone from a previous situationship. That awkward moment when you are attending an event secretly plotting on your future dude only to see he’s standing next to your ex and the guy you are currently casually screwing. Yikes. Atlanta is a small dating cesspool, the more males you encounter the chance of meeting one who isn’t affiliated with the common social circle is unlikely. The men here will still try to shoot their shot knowing they’re in a whole relationship, or  that you used to talk to one of their homeboys or they’re currently involved with one of your girl friends. Just do your background check ladies…unless your circle doesn’t mind sharing dick, then carry on.

Through the various points I’ve mentioned that hinder our quest for love in this city, one thing this species seem to all have in common is pretentiousness. For the past year or two while living in Atlanta I’ve been in a revolving door of greetings with the projection to impress me with a finer lifestyle. One that does not seem to align with my idea of true love or happiness. While I am well aware that there are a vast majority that seek financial stability through the opposite sex, I am also appalled (& quite offended) of the number of men who use their income as a selling point to lure us in. “I’ll drop 25 bands on you right now” “Let’s go purchase the new iphone X for you in the morning” “Please at least use me if you are not genuinely interested”, I’ve even had a guy slip $100 in my coat pocket to convince me to give him my number. WTF. Do I have a “for sale” sign embroidered above my eyebrows? I dutifully decline most men with this approach to let it be known & clear that I cannot be bought. Don’t get me wrong, I want the man that I pursue to be secure finicially, but we should also be spiritually, emotionally, & mentally invested in each other.

Perhaps the intention of men in this city of sin differs from mine entirely, because my luck has not been of the irish. Lastly, I can not stress enough that ALOT OF THESE MEN ARE RAW DOGGING ANY WOMAN WHO ALLOWS THEM TO SO PLEASE STAY STRAPPED ..and get tested.


  1. Well my dear I must say you have summed up dating in the ATL. Well written and great advice.

    Let’s not forget the “down low” or “trysexual” brothas.

    What about lesbian relations?


    1. I can only speak from my experience and those around me but I’m aware these issues exist as well! No matter our sexual orientation, we all have to take precautions when dating. Thank you for your feedback! xo


  2. Amazing read and well written. I can visualize the story as I was reading it. A lot of harsh truths which is pathetic from most modern men that fall in this category. But my advice to women looking for potential love – do so with a set goal and criteria in mind and dwell in the space of the men you ideally wish to meet. The men of class and taste, sophistication, respect, moral, spiritual & financial security are amongst you, but they are not easy to find as Gold is not like copper.



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