5am In Maryland

She puts my happiness ahead of her own, is this what love is? I was scared to fall in love, but she made it so easy. She took the time out to show me love was real. It was with her actions and not her words. She never spoke on love much, I’m not sure she had experienced it a lot in her life. She had so much to give, maybe it was because she received so little. “Where there is love, there is life.” Her love has given me new life. It gives me strength in my moments of weakness. It gives me courage when I am afraid. It gives me confidence when I feel insecure. Love is patient, she had waited so long to show me. Love is kind, she supports me in my every endeavor. It is not proud, she doesn’t not show me off as if I am an object. She has a heart that sees what is invisible to the eye. She sees right through me. She sees the best in me. She is in love me with me, and I…

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