Unsobering Infatuation

I don’t know if I have ever been in love and If you ask me what love is I could never give you a definite answer. The only thing I’m certain of is that I’ve spent long summers and early evenings obsessing over the way this one individual swindled me with his charm. Til this day I have never been so infatuated, from the moment our souls collided we were on cloud 9 and there was never a second of declension. There was never a thought of doubt. But I’ve learned love can have a plot twist. The idea of the outcome I had prayed for was just simply…an idea. After months of being on a high reality set in, and he no longer had the desire to continue loving me the way I wanted him to. He hit me with the ultimate “it’s not you it’s me” line..only to find out less than months later it was just another someone who captivated him. She looks good on paper, I’ll say. But she’ll never be me. Perhaps she offered what he needed during his period of soul searching. The thing is I’ve always seen him for who god created him to be, guess he didn’t see the same in me. Or maybe he did. If you factor in our age, distance, & lack of financial stability those can damper any relationship, but the hopeless romantic that is instilled within believed there was no mountain high or valley low enough to make me believe he wasn’t the one. I am convinced the entire time he knew the expiration date of our affiliation, yet he continued to force me in love with a gun to my head. OK, I’m being dramatic. But I cant help to think all this time he led me on. After all, that is a characteristic of  a Sagittarius.

There is more to this love affair…. 

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